Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shelfee?

Shelfee is a smartphone application that enables its users to voluntarily undertake small market research mission tasks in retail areas (shops, supermarkets), consumption areas and service provision areas and be rewarded with real money.

Shelfee is free to download and its users, who are found through crowdsourcing are volunteering to perform data collection for products and services for market research purposes aiming to improve consumer experience.

Similar applications are widely used in Western Europe and the U.S. with many thousand members ranging between 50,000 and 100,000 per country.

By using Shelfee when near or already in points-of-sale of products or services you are asked to evaluate your consumer experience from the specific retail or market environment and send us data about this experience through your mobile phone.

And above all, through this activity, you can earn money quickly and easily.

Who is the company behind Shelfee?

Shelfee is designed by CROWDiNTELL P.C., a market research company specializing in retail research on behalf of companies, in Greece and abroad, that produce or distribute consumer goods, as well as customer experience and mystery visits for service providers.

The research projects the company covers include data collection for products from points-of-sale (distribution, prices, positioning, promotion and image on shelves), consumer habits at home or in points-of-consumption (ho.re.ca), as well as customer satisfaction surveys in areas where customers interact with services (e.g. banks). Shelfee enables real-time data collection and transmission to CROWDiNTELL for statistical analysis and inference.

In order to conduct the market research project it undertakes, CROWDiNTELL is relying on a continuously growing consumer community who, after downloading Shelfee, can contribute in data collection required for these projects and be rewarded for each mission task by receiving a portion from the project cost that the clients of CROWDiNTELL are paying for.

CROWDiNTELL abides by the rules and code of conduct regarding market research. After downloading Shelfee, your personal information you submit at registration in the Shelfee community as well as any data you collect and send to CROWDiNTELL during your subsequent use of Shelfee are strictly confidential and are related only to the goals of each specific market research project.

And your clients are?

Companies that produce or distribute consumer goods, fast moving or durables, as well as service providers, who wish to get information about the status of their products at points-of-sale, get information about the consumer experience with these products or their retail environment and get feedback on the effectiveness of their own service network

Your participation through Shelfee enables us to collect sound data on which to base our research findings and therefore deliver the best to our clients.

What exactly is crowdsourcing?

The term crowdsourcing describes a very modern practice of motivating the participation of the general public or a smaller group of individuals to fulfilling a specific task or goal. Modern technology enables, at a continuously faster pace, connectivity among individuals to forming large communities by facilitating at the same time the involvement of these communities to provide resources for the completion of goals or tasks.

Even more organizations, from all areas of activities, are relying on crowdsourcing for accessing new ideas and solutions, co-create, improve products and processes, reduce costs and research consumer mentality. The Internet, social media and the widespread use of smart devices have bring organizations much closer to their target groups and crowdsourcing allows all to create value together, at a fashion that was simply not possible in the past..

Crowdsourcing reflects the mentality of the 21st century. The greatest example for this is Wikipedia. For marketing and marketing research is also very useful as it enables fast, easy and accurate the collection and transmission of data, experiences, opinions and ideas at real time, everywhere.

Πηγή: http://crowdsourcingweek.com

Why should I become a member?

–  Because you want to be ahead of everything: Shelfee is a pioneering application for Greece

–  Because you want to stand out: By signing in to Shelfee you become members of a unique community of active consumers that contribute for the improvement of products and services for the end-user and in this way help to create a better consumer experience

–  Because you want to be a part of something bigger: By signing in to Shelfee you become members of a unique interactive community of people that share views and ideas among them

–  Because you want to learn early enough what is happening around in the market: You like to follow trends and bring them in those around you

–  Because you are a friend of technology: Shelfee allows you to use your smartphone more in a way not possible before and use its capabilities at an unprecedented way

–  Because you want to create: Shelfee can be another way to express your creativity

–  Because you want to share: Your ideas, opinions and experiences

–  Because you want to offer: A small amount of your time for interesting volunteer missions

–  Because you want to win: By participating to the market research missions offered through Shelfee, your time spent will be rewarded better than any other form of online market research

What's in it for me?

Most importantly: You will be monetary rewarded for each mission you complete and this reward will be significantly higher compared to a usual online market research questionnaire you may happen to complete at home.

Other than monetary, what benefits are there for me as a member?

You will be a member in an interactive community, with active, inquisitive individuals, aware and enjoying all the possibilities that today’s technology are offering, that share experiences and ideas and are willing to offer for improving everything that is around us.

Apart from market research missions for data collection on products and services, through Shelfee you will get the chance to share with us and the community, ideas, opinions and consumer experiences on the way you shop and use products and services in your everyday life and how these are helping you to develop your creativity, in cooking, the way you are dressed, your hobbies and lifestyle or how you spend your free time. You may take part in competitions or events at home or outdoors, alone or with friends, during which, through your smartphone (and later your tablet, smartwatch or any other wearable), you can exchange data, images and information and win money apart from experiences and the joy of  “being part of it”.

Do I have to pay to download Shelfee or become a member?

No. You download, install and use Shelfee for free. Membership to the Shelfee community is and remains free. On the contrary, you receive monetary rewards for as long as you are a member that undertakes and completes market research and data collection missions that we upload through Shelfee.

How can I become a member?

You just download and install Shelfee in your mobile device (at the moment smartphone), either from App store (for iPhone) or Google Play (for Android), you read carefully the terms of agreement and our confidentiality policy and provided that you accept them you fill-in all required personal information at registration and creation of your profile: mobile phone number, e-mail and basic demographic information (gender, age, occupation type, home area).

Why do I have to provide personal information?

Just to make sure that you will be receiving your rewards for the missions you complete.

Also, your demographic profile is required due to the fact that some market research projects need to be conducted to individuals of specific demographic profiles in order for the results can lead us to correct conclusions by reflecting opinions and ideas of the correct target group.

Why do I need to provide my VAT (ΑΦΜ) and Social Insurance (ΑΜΚΑ) number?

According to Greek law, every form of reward is subject to tax deductions and social insurance. However, apart from that you have no other obligation or anything else you need to do. For more details please read through the FAQ part for “rewards – payments”.

What are the minimum requirements for my mobile device in order to be compatible with Shelfee?

Your mobile phone should have either Android OS version 4.1 onwards or iOS version 8 onwards. It must be also connected to the internet and have its GPS activated. Although not obligatory, it is also nice to have a camera resolution of at least 5 megapixel.

What should my mobile device settings be in order to use Shelfee?

For most missions, in order for Shelfee to function properly, you should have activated the GPS of your device. In some cases according to the scope of the mission or the location, your Bluetooth should also be activated. For this or anything else you will be notified through Shelfee.

What happens if I change my phone device or any of my personal information, e.g. my e-mail?

In case you change your mobile device you just download Shelfee again and sign-up with your current username and password. However, in case any of your personal information you needed to share with us at signing-in has changed (address, e-mail, phone number etc.) please update your profile in Shelfee. Especially for phone number and e-mail changes are important so that we may continue to keep in touch with you if needed.

What will you do with the data I send you?

All collected data are treated by us as market research data and are managed with utmost confidentiality abiding by the codes of conduct and good practice that all relevant authorities impose. First of all, these data are becoming anonymous by distinguishing them from the individual who collected them and then are subject to statistical analysis as sums and percentages.

Why are you blocking jailbroken phone devices?

Jailbreaking is a free and legal practice, however it does not allow some important functions required by our system whenever your device communicates with us during a mission. This may jeopardize the reliability of the data we collect and as this of utmost importance to us, we prefer collaborating with members with devices that are not Jailbroken.

If I want to, how can I withdraw from the Shelfee community?

Very easily: Shelfee allows you to withdraw at any time. You just need to confirm your decision through a message.

Of course, any unredeemed rewards that have been accumulated in your wallet will become redeemable so that you may ask for it (even if they are below the redeemable level).

What sorts of market research missions will be there for me to undertake?

When turning on Shelfee, all available market research missions are shown on the Shelfee map and each is accompanied with a short description of the involved tasks and total reward together with attached documentation on instructions or anything you need to know in order to fulfil the mission successfully at the required location. Upon arrival at the location, Shelfee will ask you to verify that you are in the correct location, through GPS.

A usual mission would ask you to visit a point-of-sale (shop, supermarket etc.) and carry out some tasks like record the price of one or few specific product codes, take picture of a shelf or a product, check for shortages or distribution by counting the number of item on a shelf, check for expired products or specific promotional activities etc. These missions will involve 1-5 product codes (items), while the required time to complete the mission will not exceed 5-10 minutes.

Other missions (usually regarding services) will involve visiting locations to interact with clerks or sales personnel and record your experience at a later stage through Shelfee (like a mystery visit).

Why must I always read the attached documents for each mission?

Because these documents describe in detail what you have to do or take care of when performing each task of the mission, so that you may fulfil it correctly and collect exactly the kind of data we need. These accompanying documents may also include letters of allowance that you are required to show (or may show if needed) to the store manager or shop owner, explaining what you need to do and why, or documents that describe what you need to do in case you face difficulties or hindrances during data collection for a mission.

Is taking photos allowed in shops?

As long as you are in a location that is accessible to the public (e.g. at a shop, open to the public and at working days and hours) taking pictures of products or items, except people (especially not adults) is allowed, except if there exists a sign that forbids it. However, despite that fact that from a legal point of view, even in this case, the ability of the location owner or its personnel (e.g. security) to forbid taking pictures, any dispute on this is discouraged.

In other words, any pictures we are asking you to take are exclusively for products on shelves or displays and only if there is no signs that forbid that. Even if there are no such signs, whenever the location personnel asks you not to take pictures you have to abide. Finally, note that it is not allowed (and we would never ask you to) to take pictures of other people, signs, wide-angle shots or shooting in restricted areas or areas that public are not allowed.

In any case, please read carefully the instructions attached as documents for each mission and follow the specific instructions about taking pictures that may be included.

Is it possible to book for missions wherever I am?

Of course. Near your house, near your workplace, at holidays or everywhere, always check the map at Shelfee for available missions.

Is it possible for other members to book for the same mission I had booked for?

Yes. Our goal is to have a community as large, active and widespread throughout Greece as possible.

It is therefore normal to ask that each mission at each location to be visible at as many members as possible. Who will actually book for it, depends on who will be the first to do so. Booking therefore follows a “first-to-book” priority.

This means that if you book for a mission at a specific location, that location is no longer visible on the Shelfee map for the specific mission. It only reappears on the map if for any case you cannot make it to arrive on time, declined the mission or completed it partly. Then it reappears to be available for booking by another member.

What should I do in order to start undertaking market research missions through Shelfee?

After signing-in and reading the Shelfee instructions manual, the only thing you need to do in order to start using Shelfee is to search for missions near you that you want to undertake, read the instructions for the mission that accompany its description and get informed on what you need to know and do in order to complete the mission fully and successfully. This material for example will teach you the terms used for positioning products on supermarket shelves (merchandizing).

What should I know in order to fulfill missions successfully?

Nothing else than your positive mood for doing market research… If there is something that you need to know or learn about the specific market research mission, instructions and guidelines will be available in documents that you can download and read just before booking for this specific mission.

How long will it take to complete a mission?

This depends on the mission tasks, however a typical mission in a super market will be between 1 and 10 minutes.

What if it will not be possible to carry out all tasks for the complete fulfillment of a market research mission?

Each market research mission is comprised of small tasks which are usually questions or activities and are allocated a part of the total reward. In case you fulfill part of these you will be rewarded for these respective parts of the reward.

However, you will be able to see the reward for each specific task that comprises the total reward for the mission (usually reward per question or activity). So each task you did not fulfill (or is not passing our quality control after we receive the collected data) is deducted from the total reward as another member will be required to book for it in order to complete the required data.

How often can I take part in research missions through Shelfee?

Again, there is no limit. As often as you want, as long as there are available missions.

Will I be able to book for more than one missions within the same day?

Yes, you may book several missions within a day or several locations for the same mission. Provided of course you can manage the time requirements for each mission as to whether you arrive at each location on time and fill-in the tasks also on time. If for example a mission requires to arrive at the location one hour after booking and in the meantime you have also booked for another mission, then you have to manage your time so as to fulfill both within these time restrictions.

Will I be evaluated for my participation in market research?

Yes, and if you reflect on this you will realize it is the right thing to do.

Evaluation takes place every time a member fulfills a mission as a whole or partly. This evaluation is performed for the following elements: (1) if you actually dealt with the mission you booked for (2) the time required to fulfil the mission (3) completeness of the required data (4) whether data were collected correctly and according to the instructions

Evaluation for each member is considered personal information and will not be disclosed or communicated in any way to any third parties. It will be a non-visible part in the member profile.

In the future, members with high evaluation ratings could have priority during booking, when demand is high for a location for a mission. Also, in the future, members with high evaluation ratings could receive special rewards.

However, we assure you that evaluation will in no case affect your rewards. Every member is eligible to receive in whole the allocated reward for full and complete fulfillment of each mission, no matter what the evaluation rating at that time is.

How will I be rewarded for the market research missions I fulfill?

You will receive money. The reward for every task is evaluated by us based on the difficulty or time required to complete and is described with “credits”, where 100 credits = 1 €.

At Shelfee, on the menu item “my wallet” you will be able to monitor your reward status as well as the history of activity. There will also be information about the total rewards so far and the number of missions you have taken part within the year and from the beginning of your membership.

There will be also missions where rewards could be offered to a socially benefiting cause. Whenever such possibility exists you will be notified through the specific mission information documents.

What are the available options so that I can receive my rewards?

We pay your rewards in three different modes:

  • Directly in a bank account that you may have already or create and for which you have provided us with its account number at registration. Accepted accounts are for the following banks: National, Alpha, Eurobank and Pireaus
  • Through Viva
  • Through PayPal (will be available shortly)
Why are you recommending Viva Wallet or PayPal for my rewards?

Because it is simpler and equally safe, while there is no need to give us any bank account number. If you do not have already an account, the procedure to create one at Viva or PayPal is very simple. Apart from that, you may use your Viva or PayPal account for lots of other different transactions or purchases you do through Internet simply and securely.

Will I be able to see my potential reward before I decide if I book for a market research mission?

Yes, always. Every mission in Shelfee is flagged with a brief description and its reward for complete and correct fulfilment.

When can I be paid for the missions I completed?

In the menu “wallet” of the application you may check the missions you have completed and their respective rewards. Whenever your wallet reaches or exceeds 2000 credits (20 euro) and as long as it remains above that level you may then check some or all of these missions for redeeming their rewards and we will transfer that total amount of money to your bank, Viva or PayPal account.

We settle our payments by transferring money to bank, Viva and PayPal accounts after redeems of members every Wednesday with the exception of the week of the 15th of August and the Christmas and New Year’s Eve week. In case some Wednesday is a non-working day, then payment activity is performed the next immediate working day.

Are there tax deductions to my rewards?

Yes, those deductions that are officially required by the Greek Tax system for service provision. In Greece, it is also obligatory to impose deductions for social insurance based on recent legislation (EFKA). A total statement for your rewards will be send to you annually for any tax use.

For example, assume that you just completed a mission for a reward of 10 euro. The tax deduction for this is 23,6%. So from 10 euro, 2,36 euro is the tax deduction and the remaining amount for you is 10-2,36=7,64 euro.

However, from this remaining amount, Greek legislation demands that we subtract 26,95% for EFKA (social insurance). In this example, for 7,64 euro the amount deducted is 2,06 euro. 

So, the net amount that you receive is 10,00-2,36-2,06=5,58 euro. This is the amount that we credit your account in this example.

Should I issue any kind of statements?

No. There is already an annual limit on total rewards through Shelfee in order to safeguard that you will not be required to issue any kind of statement.

And what about tax?

At the end of each year you will be receiving electronically a statement for the total annual tax deductions from rewards of the past year. You may use this statement then as an attachment for your annual tax declaration.

What will be my relation with your company?

There is no relation between you and our company whatsoever. On a voluntary basis and recruited through crowdsourcing you may devote some of your available time to undertake and complete small market research and data collection tasks in exchange for a known beforehand specific reward.